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The Seagate Foodbank
526 High Street
Toledo, OH 43609
fax: 419-244-2123
Seagate Foodbank of Northwest Ohio      419-244-6996

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Voluntering at Seagate Food Bank

From simple TLC to our offices and warehouse to renovation and construction.

Seagate Food Bank participates in several community events in order to build public awareness of our programs.

Much of donations need to be assembled or boxed for distribution to our care agency network or for our veterans or senior clients.

Fund Raising
In an effort to raise much needed fund to help us with operating expenses, we participate in various fun fund raisers

As part of our mission to help people move beyond their current food challenged situation, The Seagate Food Bank provides various classes including: Nutrition, Cooking, Gardening and more

Baby Sitting
For parents who are enrolled in our programs or classes

With a staff of only 8 people there is always work to be done.

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Seagate Foodbank of Northwest Ohio   526 High Street  Toledo, OH 43609     419-244-6996
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