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Services & Programs

The Toledo Seagate Food Bank is a distribution center for foods and other essentials to organizations that distribute directly to individuals.  We make that happen by the following services, but our methods are constantly expanding with new ideas and projects.The Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP)

This USDA program provides the Toledo Seagate Food Bank with Government commodities, which are made available to area Soup Kitchens and Food Pantries for distribution. These commodities are given to service providers to compliment food packages and are available to the community through participating agencies at no cost.

Commodity Supplemental Food Program (CSFP)

The Commodity Supplemental Food Program (CSFP) of the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) provides eligible seniors a monthly package of food. Recipients receive a six-month refillable prescription for food. This food for seniors provides a monthly allowance of approximately 50 pounds of USDA basic nutrient-rich food. To qualify for CSFP, a senior must be at least 60 years of age and fall under the 130% of financial requirements guidelines:

$1,265 monthly ($15,171 annual income) for a household of one and $1,705 ($20,449 annual income) for a household of two.

Click here to apply online                                Click Here to download PDF application

For more information about the CSFP Program or to find a distribution site near you, please call theToledo Seagate Food Bank at 419-244-6996 or via our Contact Us page.

The “CSFP Box” will have a combination of the following foods, and may contain extra “bonus foods” in certain months.

 Fruit — 100% unsweetened juice, canned fruits packed in their own juice or light syrup such as: pears, peaches, applesauce and dried fruit.
 Vegetable — Canned vegetables such as: green beans, carrots and tomatoes. Starchy vegetables like peas, corn and potatoes.
 Grain — Unsweetened cereals, rice, pasta.
 Milk — Nonfat dry milk, evaporated milk, cheese.
 Protein — Beef, chicken, pork, canned salmon or tuna, dried beans and peanut butter.

Help Me Grow

This program provides extra baby care needs to low-income families who have children up to three years of age.

Farm Gleaning

Utilizes volunteers for picking fruits and vegetables from farmer’s fields. All fresh produce collected goes directly to senior centers, seniors themselves for canning, or the Toledo Seagate Food Bank.  The farm gleaning is a joint partnership between the Society of St. Andrews, Helping Hands of St. Louis, The Knights of Columbus, and the Center for Innovative Technology (CIFT).  More information is available at

Vertical Gardening

Vertical Garden a high density vertical growing system designed for non-traditional production locations. The system enables plants to grow in significantly smaller spaces and in varying ground covers from concrete to parking lots. The production potential can reach 2,000 and 2,500 pounds of fruits and vegetables per season.  The vegetables are grown in a coconut potting medium to maintain moisture and  the root base. The plants use a hydroponic system enabling nutrient application to the plants. This enables the food bank the ability to supply hundreds of people access to fresh vegetables. [ Learn More ]

G.E.M. - Good Eating for Mothers....and Fathers too!

This is a nutrient program for young mothers and fathers to learn healthy cooking practices for their family in an 8 week classroom setting.  This class incorporates our gleaning and vertical garden teaching how to take food from a plant to a dinner table.  Funding this year will allow us to also incorporate a hoop house.

The Banks Family - "Character" representatives of the food bank.

These costumed characters travel to schools, public functions and local events to promote the mission of the Seagate Food Banks and the necessity of good nutrient through the distribution  of things such as coloring books, bumper stickers and fliers as well as interacting with the public.

Military Meals/Basket Referral Program

Under this program, contracted agencies network with the Toledo Seagate Food Bank to provide military families in need with immediate supplemental food and emergency home assistance. These baskets are distributed on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Holiday Food Baskets

This program provides Holiday Food Baskets, through partnering agencies, at Thanksgiving and Christmas.

In an effort to serve all families and prevent duplication of services, Holiday Food Basket applications are only accepted by the Salvation Army. If you have any questions concerning Holiday Food Baskets, please contact us at 419-244-6996 or via our Contact Us page.

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