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The Seagate Foodbank
526 High Street
Toledo, OH 43609
fax: 419-244-2123
Seagate Foodbank of Northwest Ohio      419-244-6996

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Seagate Food Bank ~ Vertical Garden

Seagate Foodbank of Northwest Ohio   526 High Street  Toledo, OH 43609     419-244-6996
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It is our mission at The Seagate Food Bank to not only help feed the hungry in our region, but also to help teach them how to feed themselves. We are focus a lot of our energy, effort and resources in developing tools and strategies that will help feed the hungry but more importantly them feed themselves for the long term.

One such project is our vertical garden. This vertical garden is built in an urban environment between two buildings and features rows of interlocking pots in which we grow our produce. The grow towers (as we call them) are watered primarily via water barrels. In a nut shell, we have a garden which can be placed on top of any type of surface, gravel, grass and blacktop.

In our vertical garden, we produced:
305 pounds of strawberries and
1610 pounds of peppers.