Seagate Foodbank of Northwest Ohio
526 High St. Toledo, Ohio 43609

About The Seagate Food Bank

The Seagate Food Bank is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization established in 1982 as a regional food clearing house, serving 8 northwestern Ohio counties and will share any overflow of donated product with surrounding counties. The Toledo Seagate Food Bank collects donated food as it becomes available from individuals, manufacturers, processors, wholesale and retail grocers. We distribute over 15 million pounds of food annually, to over 500 organizational programs such as Food Pantries, Community Resource Centers, Churches, Soup Kitchens, Senior Centers, Rehabilitation, and Low–Income Housing Service Agencies. All of this is done completely free to our participants.

Mission Statement
As a non-profit organization, Seagate Food Bank aspires and commits our energies to eliminating hunger. We serve in a regional capacity, through partnerships with others, to identify and direct available resources, providing access to adequate food for all those in need.

We will accomplish this by:

  • Working in a regional capacity for the solicitation, collection and distribution of food.
  • Coordinating agencies in northwest Ohio to fight the problem of hunger through a distribution network.
  • Networking with outreach service providers to assist with client needs.

Our Legitimate Tax Write-off
The 1976 Federal Tax law permits you substantial tax benefits for specialized donations (Section 179, e.3. clauses i and ii).

For example:
Your cost ($2.00) plus 1/2 of the normal gross profit ($1.00) equals your tax write-off ($3.00). In no case can the deduction amount exceed 2x the donated item’s cost.

The Seagate Food Bank will provide you with a receipt for the items donated to assist you in claiming your legitimate tax write-off. All donors are advised to consult with their tax advisers in applying the appropriate deduction.


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